My day starts like every other, wake up call at 6am for obs and antibiotic, most mornings I’m already awake and the first thing I do every morning is ring Neo Natal to see how Amys night was. OHH todays already looking great. Amy opened her eyes!!!!! not only that she has 0.1ml of milk and……. she did a poo!!!!! so we know her digestive system is working. Wonderbabe. I ring hubby from the corridor and my squeals of delight bounce of the walls. It feels wonderful to feel like this. I ring my mother (today is her birthday) and tell her the good news, the best present she has ever had. I meet a new mammy today too her baby has become Amys roomie.
I cant wait to see those eyes. I’m really excited when the nurses come in later in the morning. Its time to have a listen to Katies heartbeat and often the nurse (if time permits) will have a chat. Again I’m babbling on about Amy when she gently and calmly tells me that its still very early days (shes only 10days old) and in a baby of that size time is still very important. Brings me back to earth with a bang.

I finally get to go down stairs and I nearly expect to see Amy sitting up talking… my imagination is running away with me. Shes asleep and looks the same as yesterday. Maybe if I wait long enough I’ll see her eyes. I ask the nurse tending to Amy about the poo,. Yep u read that right. Colour, shape, size you name I want to know!!! I’m turning into momzilla. I wait and wait and no such luck I’m not getting a wink today. Later that day hubby comes in to see us, he pops down to see Amy and shes asleep again,guess we just have to wait. Seeing the older kids breaks my heart. I love when they visit but its horrible seeing them leave. While hubby is with Amy I have a catch up with them and fill them with sweets and chocolate (just dont tell dad). When they go I lie in bed for my afternoon cry and wait until I see can see Amy later….

Amy when we finally got to see both eyes open big and wide.. Image


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