Its another visit to the labour ward!

I’m lying on the couch at home still trying to regain my strength after my mysterious illness  when I get a phone call, my sister in law is pregnant too and guess what??? its twins too!! Its only the middle of May but I just cant wait for christmas, and seeing four little babies and santa visiting, its going to be fantastic. I’m back for my anomaly scan at 20 weeks. I’m so nervous as I have been so sick but I’m very carefully checked especially as I relay my fears to them. Everything is perfect. I do get a shock though when the midwife tells me its two girls!!!!! Cant believe it. It feels to good to be true, Now dont get me wrong, girls boys whatever it didnt matter, but straight away I can visualise two little princesses dressed in pretty dresses playing hand in hand. My heart is pounding with love I even cry. A few days later I get a call from the hospital asking me to come in for a chat about my results, it seems I had food poisioning and they want to make sure its left my body. Well that expalains the hospital stay in early May. Hopefully thats it now and it will be plain sailing from here in.I’m back in work after 2 weeks off sick. I still feel ill and look awful still the show must go on. I request lighter duties as I’m just not able for any more.

Its Wednesday May 30th, I have severe pressure in my lower abdomen and I just dont feel right. I ring the labour ward yet again and they advise me to come in and bring an over night bag just in case. I leave work and as Im heading back to my car I have a funny sensation but not funny haha just funny weird. I head home take a shower and get my bag ready. I take a look around my house before I leave not knowing it will be three months before I live there again. Mother takes the older two kids and hubby already works in the hospital so i give him a shout to let him know that i’m on the way in. Should be home and in bed in a few hours………..


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