The next leg of my journey.

The first thing to change was me becoming a non smoker. I didnt realise my last cigarette was in fact my last cigarette. I’ll do anything for these babies. Ive been taking my folic acid for a year now so I’m covered there. I’m a great believer that you are what you eat so I get the best balance I can in my diet. Plenty of water and rest too. I’m as fit and healthy as I can be, theres no more I can do. Started to get a few bits and pieces for babies, because theres two I want to be prepared.

I feel its going to be a boy and a girl. I have a scan at 17 weeks and yep the midwife thinks its a boy and a girl. Both are doing great getting big now. It’s the May bank holiday weekend 2012 I’m looking forward to three days of nothing. I’m standing on the sideline of my sons match on the Saturday morning and all of a sudden I feel really ill. I go back to the car to sit down. I suffer with bad IBS so maybe its that. As the day goes on the pain gets unreal! I go to bed and hope for the best. I’m not there long before I’m running to the loo!! every half an hour even through the night. On Sunday morning I feel so bad, I ring the labour ward and I’m told to come in. Better be safe than sorry, thankfully all is ok and I eventually go home. Bad news… I’m ill again all Sunday night. I ring the ward again on Monday morning as ….. sorry if tmi but my wee is orange!!!!! This time I’m kept in as theres ketones in my urine. I’m put on a drip and observed over night. I’m scared but I believe no harm will come to my babies, I got an extra scan to be sure.. or to shut me up! I head home on the Tuesday evening. I’m exhausted and down a half stone which normally I’d be thrilled about, not today though. Time to recover.


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