From the start.

Its early January 2012. Finally after 10 years i saw the little blue line. Dont think i could be any more excited.I know I’m very lucky already with a daughter and son. I’m 32 now and they are 12 and 10 but something inside me said your not finished yet. My freinds thought I was crazy to start a family at this stage in my life. Go out have your life now have fun they told me. But the need for another baby was too huge to ignore.

Since October 2009 my health was not good. I was advised to wait a while before we tried for a baby. At last things are on track and baby is joining the family. At 7 weeks I have a little scare. Up to then Ive been great very tired and plenty of morning sickness but felt good. I have to go to the hospital for a scan. I see the screen but it looks different, why? I ask. Its twins right?? The doctor confirms that yep theres two there!!! Funny thing though my husband said it to me a couple of weeks before. Now twins is not unusual in m family and to be honest i always hoped for twins. We go for coffee after and sit staring into space then every now and again burst out laughing. Loads went through my mind. How will we cope with twin babies and two basically teenagrs? How will we deal with the financial burden. None the less we were having twins!!!!


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